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How do I know the best bank to open my account at?

We find that the best place to bank is a small local bank with a few branches. Make no mistake about it, large chain banks, despite their welcoming advertising, view you as a dollar sign and nothing more. They will hit you with whatever fees they can get away with. They will usually blame corporate procedure for their inability to help you with special requests or emergencies. The small bank has a much greater interest in pleasing you because they want you to spread good word in your community. While a big bank will tell you they cannot adjust unfair charges, the small bank is more personal and will often credit insufficient or uncollected fee charges if you have a good reason. Their lines are usually shorter also.

It means nothing to a big bank whether you come or go. The small guy does care, and will press harder to keep your business. Check out the small guys in your area and go with one of them.