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How do I find a good and honest attorney?

Finding a good and honest attorney is not always easy. We find that most attorneys are honest and not overcome by greed, especially in small towns and rural areas.  The greedy ones seem to thrive in big cities. The Justizz site will soon have a facility for locating good local attorneys who will do small simple tasks at set fees. See Find an Attorney and hopefully your need will be met at a good fee by a good attorney. Justizz attorney participants are graded by feedback, so they have a strong interest in pleasing their clients.

If your claim is small, usually less than $5000, you can file a Small Claims lawsuit yourself using the Justizz facility for that. You do not need an attorney. You state your case simply and bring your evidence. Thankfully, most Judges give the most consideration to the little guy.

For larger cases, if you have been injured or cheated in some way where the damages are high, our Courts all accept Pro-se cases; that is where you file the case yourself and represent yourself.  This is much more complicated than a Small Claims case, and unless you are very talented in researching and following Court procedure, you should be represented. Ask friends and businesspeople for recommendations. Check out their recommendations carefully. Interview those prospects. Discuss their pricing schedule, and fully understand it. Interview 3-4 prospects and go with your best instincts. Keep costs down by supplying all necessary documents, even if it takes a bit of effort to secure some things. Don’t pester the attorney with unnecessary calls. Keep contact efficiently to a minimum to keep your costs down.

But the best advice is, think twice when dealing with someone with a checkered past or who boasts and brags too much. Check the financial foundation of those with whom you may deal. The best way to save on an attorney is not to get cheated in the first place.