Justizz was established in an effort to help consumers, like you, address their general frustration when dealing with large companies and organizations who often mistreat, ignore, and abuse customers. These include, but are not limited to, credit reporting agencies, collection agencies, and solicitation callers. Our mission is to help you in achieving a satisfactory resolution.

Justizz is dedicated to helping consumers
in the following ways:

Helping consumers with legal matters by providing a directory of approved attorneys who will help with many legal tasks. All attorneys on the site have agreed to abide by Justizz’s terms, code of ethics, and fee structure.

Offer advice on how consumers can best avoid future financial and legal entanglements.

Sponsor a legislative agenda to change and amend existing laws to better protect consumers.

Assist consumers in resolving their issues with corporations, credit card companies, collection agencies, etc.

Rate individual banks and credit card companies based on customer service, aggressive and egregious fees, and overall fairness.

Help you check, verify and maintain your credit score.

At Justizz we feel that you, the consumer, deserve the benefit of the doubt in the case of disputes with large corporations. We aim to ease the bother and confusion that comes with having to confront those who have no regret in harming or damaging you financially.

That being said, as the large organizations have a duty to correct errors and fix problems that develop in the course of commerce, so do consumers have an obligation to meet their legitimate obligations to those organizations.

We hope to start a consumer revolution against those habitual violators of consumer rights.

Justizz offers a free membership for as long as we can. Development of this site has been very costly, and we may ask our members to agree to a minor yearly membership fee in the future to help pay our costs of providing you with this site.

The Justizz website is very much opposed to large entities that mistreat customers. But it also is equally opposed to those who seek to harass those entities for quick personal gain. Justizz will terminate the membership of any individual found to be abusing the privileges afforded Justizz members. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." If you cannot abide by that ancient proverb, please do not join Justizz. is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice.