Do Not Call List

Stop Telemarketers From Calling You!

The National Do Not Call Registry has been created by the US Government for those who do not want any solicitation or telemarketing calls on either their home phones or cell phones. The law clearly states that solicitation or other unwanted commercial calls cannot be made to your home without your permission. The Justizz site will connect to the Federal Government site to make it easy for its members to sign up, report a violation, or check to make sure your sign up was successful. It is easy to sign up and use the site.

Once registered, your name is added within thirty days to a list of numbers of those who do not wish to be called. If you are called after that, it is a violation and you should take time to record and report the violation. Justizz suggests you subscribe to your telephone company's Caller ID plan, so you can always identify an incoming number, and to keep a pen and paper handy by your phone to keep the date and caller's number and name for reporting purposes.

Having described our government's solution to the problem of "robocalls," we find that the National Do Not Call Registry is largely ineffective. It is a bureaucracy that perhaps pursues a dozen or so violators yearly, and most robocallers laugh at this government "effort," knowing they will never be pursued. This was documented in Consumer Reports September 2015 issue

However, leave it to American ingenuity. A terrific site has been created which we strongly suggest you join. It is a non-profit site called "Nomorobo, " and the creator records any and all complaints, and then accumulates a big database which enables it to quickly identify the bad guys. It then calls them back with recorded messages asking them not to call you and others, tying up their phone lines and employees. You can access this site below.

Justizz has created in its Legislative Agenda a petition demanding that the phone carriers get involved in call blocking. Please see it on our site and sign up.

The Justizz website is very much opposed to large entities that mistreat customers. But it also is equally opposed to those who seek to harass those entities for quick personal gain. Justizz will terminate the membership of any individual found to be abusing the privileges afforded Justizz members. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." If you cannot abide by that ancient proverb, please do not join Justizz. is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice.